I had a random thought about ones path in life.  I think a lot of us tend to judge our lives on the basis of others.  I get that.  In order to judge whether or not something is more or less, you need something to compare it to.  Samsung vs Iphone.  Kawasaki vs Yamaha.  My point is, this is okay.  For objects.  Life is transient and alive just from being what it is.  One life and another are incomparable.   I believe it’s that way because we are all individuals, in the most amazing ways.  No one starts out the same or ends up the same even if they start and end up in the same place.  If we could stop weighing our lives against someone elses, I think a lot of people would be less miserable or disheartened about their life and what they are capable of doing with it.  So, everyone has their own path.  Whether they’re right next to each other or far apart, it’s yours and yours alone.  You can stop anytime you feel comfortable where you are or you can keep walking.  Even if you do settle down, you can still decide to get up and continue further on.  The thing about a life path is that it only ends when you’re dead, so as long as you’re still here you can keep going and keep trying to get ahead no matter what dangers you come across.  If you make it past an obstacle, you’ve done something great.  ImageThis is your path, and no matter what you do, it’s the right one.